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PEAK Parent Center has been approved by the U.S. Department of Education to continue serving Colorado families of infants, toddlers, children, and young adults with disabilities as the Parent Training and Information Center (PTI)! This means that we will continue to equip parents, students, educators, and professionals with the skills they need to successfully educate and empower students with all types of disabilities and abilities! Check out the letter of congratulations PEAK received from Colorado’s United States Senator Michael BennetRead more

Announcing PEAK's Brand New Website!

PEAK Parent Center is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website that is packed with new information, features, and resources! We are happy you have already found us and we hope you bookmark our new website at so you can easily find us again. Right now, we want to take this opportunity to showcase a few of the new features with you! Not sure where to start? Start Here ! Check out this new entry pointRead more

Here's to a Day

A Vision for the Future By Guest Author Sue Swenson Here's to a day when a loving mother has options other than 'a group home,' options that provide gentle teaching and positive support, and that those options strengthen her connection to her son even if he lives elsewhere, and they do not make her feel that she is abandoning her beloved son, or abdicating her responsibilities, but rather the options allow her to feel that she is deserving of havingRead more
PEAK's 2015 Conference on Inclusive Education was a huge success, and two of PEAK's Parent Advisors, Shirley Swope and Missy Sieders, had the following lessons and reflections to share with you! Lessons and reflections from Missy Sieders There are so many things I love about working as a Parent Advisor at PEAK. Talking with parents and helping families advocate for their children so they can realize their dreams despite the challenges they face is very rewarding. Seeing the "A-ha’s," onRead more

Announcing PEAK’s Brand New Shift Project!

Shift! Transition To a Future of New Possibilities By Beth Schaffner Assuring productive, fulfilling lives as adults is the ultimate goal of schooling for any student. Schooling is preparation for life, and schools, along with families and communities, are charged with seeing that young people are prepared...for life! Families of children with disabilities move with our students through school and find there is a lot of extra, hard work to be done. But, we still remain engaged, learn everything weRead more

Highlights from PEAK's 2015 Conference on Inclusive Education

PEAK’s 2015 Conference on Inclusive Education: Inclusion – A Road Worth Taking was once again a SOLD OUT show, and was a wonderful experience for all of our attendees and presenters! PEAK was honored to have keynote presentations from Sue Swenson , Lydia Brown , Paula Kluth , and Hasan Davis , in addition to workshops and breakout sessions presented by experts in the fields of inclusive and evidence-based education! If you weren’t able to join us in 2015, weRead more

Ask A Parent Advisor: Locking the IEP?

Question: I just had my son's Individualized Education Program meeting and wanted some time to think about it. The case manager said they need to "lock" the IEP. Does that mean the IEP cannot be changed for a year? What if the IEP doesn't work? Will all his teachers see the IEP? How does this IEP process work? Answer: The IEP process can be a little confusing! Even after an IEP is locked, the IEP team can make changes asRead more

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