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Change the World: A Week in the Life of PEAK


The Youth PEAK Serves

“Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be key agents for development and peace. If, however, they are left on society’s margins, all of us will be impoverished. Let us ensure that all young people have every opportunity to participate fully in the lives of their societies.” – Kofi Annan

Recently, PEAK Parent Center has increased our direct work with youth! Though PEAK has always served youth, in the past three years, we have increased our capacity and projects that work directly with youth. It is an honor to be able to teach youth about their strengths, self-advocacy, self-determination, leadership, and transitions into adulthood, helping them to grow into the young people they want to be.

So what are the youth up to at PEAK Parent Center?

  • Youth participate in the Youth Strand at PEAK Parent Center’s Conference on Inclusive Education
  • Over 200 youth are enrolled in the ASPIRE project and participate in trainings and community activities in six communities across the state of Colorado.
  • The Shift Project held a five-session course in 2016 on self-advocacy and transitions for youth with disabilities. Shift will be hosting this course in the Denver Metro area this spring

PEAK recognizes that youth are the future of any community. We feel that when youth are armed with knowledge, they will help shape the communities and world we live in, into a stronger, better place for all.

Check out this video where some of the ASPIRE youth talk about how the project has changed their lives (you can also view it below).

Help us continue to grow our youth programming by making a donation today. You can be the difference in the life of a youth with a disability.

How can you get involved with PEAK today?

Change the World: All people, including people with disabilities bring tremendous gifts and make amazing contributions to society and to every person who gets to know them. Get to know a person with a disability in your life. Not sure where to start? Presume competence and maintain high expectations!


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