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Give Financially: A Week in the Life of PEAK


The Impact of PEAK’s Work

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” – John F. Kennedy

Often, we don’t know how big an impact our actions have on others and the world around us. At PEAK, we are committed to all children having the chance to learn. Each year, we reach thousands of parents, youth, self-advocates, educators, and professionals across the State of Colorado, and beyond.

There is no greater feeling than when a family calls PEAK to tell us that their child has been included with their peers in a classroom for the first time. When a youth, who has been told they will likely not accomplish much in their life, goes through a PEAK training and later calls to say they got their first job, we know we are making a difference. When educators gain new skills to make their classroom an inclusive learning environment for all students and share their successes, we know the impact of our work is positive.

Check out our Facebook page to watch videos where people talk about the impact PEAK has had on their lives. You can also view the videos below.

PEAK needs financial support to continue this strong impact. By donating today, you have a direct impact on the families and educators who turn to PEAK. When you donate to PEAK, you become a part of the solution, helping ensure that youth with all types of disabilities can feel connected, competent, included, and valued.

Colorado has experienced a huge population growth in recent years, and PEAK remains committed to serving all Colorado communities. While the demand for services grows with the influx of people, PEAK has not received any additional government funds to make up for the increase in families needing assistance. Your donation to PEAK will help make sure all families who need support will have access to PEAK’s many services.

How can you get involved with PEAK today?

Give Financially: PEAK is on the front lines of helping families, children, and youth with disabilities to gain access to a fully inclusive life. Give to PEAK and help a family realize new possibilities for their future. Donate today!

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