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The Sky is the Limit for Ali!


Ali was born with Down syndrome. The sky is the limit for both of the Roman children, though they knew there would likely be some challenges for Ali. As they began determining what was best for their little girl, Andi’s own mother, a long-time educator and school-change coach, did not believe that inclusion was the answer for Ali. However, Andi and Chuck were determined to make sure all things were possible for their daughter.

Ali’s first school was not a good fit. She was in a general education classroom but without accommodations, and that worried the Romans. They turned to a PEAK Parent Advisor for help and attended an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) workshop hosted by PEAK. A whole new world opened up for the Roman family; a world with possibilities was within their reach.

Feeling good about the information and strategies she gained from PEAK, Andi Roman did not stop there. Knowing she needed to arm herself with more information to be able to be the best advocate for her little girl, Andi attended PEAK’s annual Conference on Inclusive Education to find more answers. If you ask Andi about her experience at the conference, you will get a resounding “It was life changing!” She goes on to say “the presenters’ passion for justice, legal rights, evidence-based inclusive practices and thought-provoking ideas on how disability is viewed globally gave me hope for my daughter’s future.”

Since then, Ali’s world has opened up. She is now in an inclusive school with accommodations and is blossoming with the other first graders, and she is making friends! After a recent, successful IEP meeting that Ali’s proud grandmother attended, grandma shared her joy in knowing that in this inclusive classroom Ali was seen and known by so many, and that in this school Ali would be safe and loved, and could truly grow and learn!

Andi and Chuck don’t have all of the answers, but after learning from PEAK, they have found success in realizing their vision for creating a full and inclusive life for Ali. Won’t you join parents like Andi and Chuck to create life-changing experiences for families who come to PEAK? By donating, no matter the amount, you will be helping families to catch the vision and use strategies in a world where the sky is the limit for their children.

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