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Finding the Light through PEAK Parent Center


When the much awaited day arrived, along with the immense joy of giving birth to their little girl,Yara, they faced many challenges. Life was now very complex having a special needs child, and it cast a dark shadow on this special time.

Garden variety parenting advice they received from friends and family fell woefully short in meeting their needs. Sid and Carole found themselves frantically seeking a myriad of sources to locate gems of information that could benefit their daughter – a better treatment, the legal system, a more compassionate school, parent support, and more. This was a huge undertaking with few successes, and their world sunk deep into darkness…until the day they found PEAK!

Their family had recently moved to Colorado from New York. Moving is hard for any family, but for Sid and Carole this meant wading through a whole new support world for Yara. There were new therapists, doctors, programs, and supports. In researching resources, Carole came across a flyer for PEAK’s Conference on Inclusive Education and was intrigued with the possibilities this conference might offer.

From her first moments at PEAK’s Conference on Inclusive Education, she found the light they had been searching for. Carole met educators, administrators, professionals, and other parents from across the country who shared ideas and strategies to educate kids with disabilities inclusively. Carole made connections with other parents who faced similar struggles and were eager to share resources.

After Carole’s powerful experience at the conference, Sid was inspired by PEAK’s mission and applied to serve on PEAK’s board of directors. Volunteering on the board enables him to work towards his goal of ensuring that families with special needs have an anchor to ground themselves in their challenging worlds. In Sid’s words, “PEAK is ‘the hub’ for all parents of children with special needs. PEAK is the authority in ensuring a child receives the same opportunity no matter their circumstance, and PEAK alleviates having to stumble in the darkness.”

Won’t you help families like Sid and Carole’s in finding access to an inclusive education? Donate today! Bring on the light…Let it shine!


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