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Increasing families’ and educators’ knowledge base is a major focus of PEAK Parent Center. Why? Information is empowering!

PEAK’s workshops are open to families, general educators, special educators, paraprofessionals, administrators, service providers, and interested community members. Our workshops help families feel more confident and positive about their participation on the team that supports their child’s education. Our workshops equip educators with the evidence-based information and knowledge they need to successfully educate students with disabilities. Click on the links below to check out the wide range of PEAK’s workshop topics!  You can also learn about upcoming PEAK-sponsored webinars and workshops and find out how to sponsor a workshop in your community

Access to General Education Curricula: What Does It Mean and How Can It Be Achieved?

Accommodations and Modifications to Curriculum: Ensuring Meaningful Participation in General Education Classrooms

Advocacy 101

Friendship Building Strategies

The IEP: A Tool For Realizing Possibilities!

The Road to a Good Life - How to Get What You Need

Solving the Mystery of ADA, IDEA and Section 504

Transition from Infant Services to Preschool Services

Transition: Grade-to-Grade, School-to-School: Planning for Success

Transition: Life After High School

The Why’s and How’s of Behavior

Online Webinars Presented by PEAK

All of the workshops topics above are in-person community workshops. PEAK also hosts online webinars throughout year on topics like these and more! Learn about PEAK’s upcoming webinars and workshops. And, access online recordings of past PEAK webinars!