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How Failure Turned into Success: Stacy and Brandon

How Failure Turned into Success: Stacy and Brandon

Like any other parent, Stacy is a mother who has big dreams for her fourth grade son, Brandon.

Her dreams were challenged when Brandon started to fall behind in school. Tension mounted as she became aware that her son’s needs were not being met. Communication with his teachers became difficult and frustrating. Stacy needed help. How could she get the staff at Brandon’s school to “hear” her so he could succeed?

Stacy found hope for Brandon at PEAK Parent Center. In meeting with PEAK’s Parent Advisor, Stacy experienced the feeling of being respected and listened to. She began to feel hope as she learned the language to use to get Brandon’s teachers and staff on the same page with her. She discovered the power of a well-crafted Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and how to initiate the IEP request. Stacy left the meetings with PEAK Parent Center feeling empowered to spell out what Brandon needed to be successful in school.

Stacy had “come home.” She found staff at PEAK that empathized with her. She developed confidence in navigating the communication process at Brandon’s school. She began to dream again for Brandon.

Stacy’s motto is, “...every child is unique and should be appreciated for the many different ways they learn.” She shares that “PEAK’s work is rooted in the heart of these values.”

Won’t you be a “dream maker” today and donate to PEAK to help children like Brandon be appreciated for their uniquenesses? All donations directly support families like Stacy and Brandon to find success in education and in life.