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NEW from the RSA Shift Project!
Chet Quest’s Transition Guide to the Future

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Chet’s Transition Resource Center! 

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The purpose of the Shift Transition Project (Shift) is to serve youth with disabilities and their families to realize new transition possibilities! Shift provides resources, training, and support to families and to youth with disabilities on transition to college, post-secondary opportunities, how to plan for positive futures, and how to access supports and services after leaving school. Shift:

  • Supports families and youth with disabilities to set positive goals for the future.
  • Provides ready access, by families and youth with disabilities, to information and tools that can help them plan successful adult lives. 
  • Helps families and youth to develop of advocacy skills they can use to: readily speak up about their goals for the future, articulate what they need to reach their goals, and actively participate with professionals so they can access needed supports and services.
  • Transition Advisors coach families and youth on problem-solving strategies for dealing with challenging transition-related situations.

Here are a few of the most common ways families, youth with disabilities, and self-advocates engage with Shift:

  • Connect with Transition Advisors by phone or email who help answer their questions, guide them to resources, and provide coaching and support as they move through the process of transition, learn about adult services and supports and how to access them, and develop positive plans for the future.
  • Participate in interactive workshops on transition and access resources for the future, offered in local communities throughout Colorado.
  • View inspirational and informative archives of online webinars featuring national and state leaders who are self-advocates, parents, and individuals who understand adult support systems like Vocational Rehabilitation and Independent Living Centers.
  • Access an array of online and print resources designed to be accessible and useful to families and youth who need information on planning for positive futures and accessing needed resources and supports.

Shift is a Parent Training and Information center, funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration, that supports parents (families) and youth with disabilities ages 14-26. Shift has a commitment to making materials accessible to multiple audiences and will do its best to make its information and services available in other languages, whenever possible. PEAK Parent Center has been implementing Shift (Rehabilitation Services Administration) since it was renewed in 2014! Learn more about PEAK Parent Center’s core vision and values

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