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What will happen to young people with disabilities after they leave high school? This workshop is designed to help parents and youth with disabilities learn about the next steps to take after leaving school including college, careers, employment, living as independently as possible - all the pieces that need to come together to have a good life. Real life stories are shared from self-advocates with disabilities who are following their dreams for positive futures. The workshop also includes basics about the supports and services available for people with disabilities from local workforce centers, vocational rehabilitation agencies, and independent living centers to help youth and families get what they need.

This is the first in a series of workshops being developed by PEAK as part of the Shift Project. Look for additional workshops in the the future that will provide detailed steps and strategies for communicating effectively with professionals and navigating through various systems to access the supports you need!

For more information about this workshop and the Shift Project, contact Beth Schaffner at or 719-531-9400, extension 117.

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