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Because PEAK is a federally-designated Parent Center for the State of Colorado, PEAK’s Board needs to have diverse and representative membership. Specifically, PEAK’s Board must:

  • Have a majority of its members be parents of children with disabilities, self advocates (people with disabilities), or family members of people with disabilities.
  • Include individuals working in the fields of special education, related services, early intervention, and vocational rehabilitation
  • Broadly represent the population to be served, including families with low-incomes, and families who have children with limited English proficiency.

In order to ensure the highest quality agency and grant management, PEAK is also seeks Board Members who have experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Fundraising and Development
  • Human Resources
  • Nonprofit Governance
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations

If you represent any of these roles and are interested in helping PEAK strengthen Colorado families and communities, consider applying to join the PEAK Board today!

Learn about Expectations of the Members of PEAK’s Board of Directors (General Expectations, Meeting Expectations, Relationship with Staff, Avoiding Conflicts, Fiduciary Responsibilities, Fundraising, & Ambassadorship)

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