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Shirley Swope

Parent Advisor & Trainer
PEAK Staff Team

Shirley first contacted PEAK when her older son, who has significant hearing loss, needed some support with his education plan. Then, in 1989, Shirley joined the PEAK team as a Parent Advisor! Shirley was drawn to PEAK because of its belief that ALL children bring value to schools and communities and deserve access to quality education. Shirley’s work at PEAK has taught her that we must all have high expectations for our children and ourselves, that families deserve access to the best tools and resources to support their children, and that we must “walk the talk” every day. The journey might be difficult at times, but seeing a child learn and grow is worth the effort! Shirley is honored to be the mother of three children who were interesting to raise and are interesting adults. Shirley is the proud grandparent of two girls and of many more granddogs. Shirley feels grateful for many things, her home, her friends, her animals, and her family. She’s also grateful to the many, many families that she’s been honored to work with over the years. Shirley has learned so much about the bond, deep respect, and acceptance that parents have for their children. Shirley loves to travel and have grand adventures! For Shirley, life just gets better and better!

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