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LeDerick Horne

Poet, Advocate
Allies for Inclusion

An embodiment of PEAK’s vision for inclusion: a spoken-word poet, tireless advocate, and bridge-builder whose work helps achieve substantive, systemic change.

Diagnosed with a learning disability in the third grade, LeDerick Horne defies any and all labels. He’s a dynamic spoken-word poet; a tireless advocate for all people with disabilities; an inspiring motivational speaker; a bridge-builder between learners and leaders across the U.S. and the world; and an African-American husband and father who serves as a role model for all races, genders, and generations. The grandson of one of New Jersey’s most prominent civil rights leaders, LeDerick uses his gift for spoken-word poetry as the gateway to larger discussions on equal opportunity, pride, self-determination and hope for people with disabilities. His workshops, keynote speeches, and performances reach thousands of students, teachers, legislators, policy makers, business leaders, and service providers each year. LeDerick regularly addresses an array of academic, government, social, and business groups, including appearances at the White House, the United Nations, Harvard University, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and the National Association of State Directors of Special Education. You’ll also find him working directly with youth across the country, helping to empower young people to see their own strengths and create visions and avenues to success as they transition to adulthood. LeDerick’s work addresses the challenges of all disabilities, uniting the efforts of diverse groups in order to achieve substantive, systemic change.

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