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Kiki McGough

President, Board of Directors
PEAK Board Team

Kiki McGough became a board member in October 2018. She first became involved with PEAK in 1988 when she was working at Rose Hill Elementary School in Commerce City as a Special Education teacher and was asked by the school district to be on a panel for inclusion at PEAK’s annual conference. Kiki has been an advocate for inclusion and partnering with families throughout her entire career in Special Education. She feels that it is critical for families to have the information and support they need to advocate for their children to receive the supports and services they need to be successful. PEAK has changed Kiki’s way of working with staff and families over the years as a teacher, administrator, trainer, and advocate. She cherishes the gifts that each person has and encourages staff and families to think outside the box and ask for help when they need it. Kiki is the mother of three puggles and three unique children who are creative and passionate about the arts.

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