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Irene Aguilar

Colorado Legislator and Doctor
Allies for Inclusion

Former PEAK Board Member, Colorado Legislator, Doctor, and Parent working to make sure all citizens have access to healthcare, education and supports.

Dr. Irene Aguilar worked as a primary healthcare physician at Denver Health for 23 years and also served as a member of the Colorado Senate representing District 32 from 2011 to 2019. Whether she was advocating for individual patients or sponsoring bills, Senator Aguilar worked to increase access to healthcare. Additionally, she worked to ensure that prescription drugs were affordable and widely available to those who most needed them. Irene has been a longtime advocate for people with disabilities. A previous PEAK Board member, Irene and her husband have been strong advocates for inclusive education for their daughter. Among others she has been recognized by the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, Easter Seals, and the Colorado Consumer

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