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Elizabeth Lyles

Parent Outreach Connector
PEAK Staff Team

Liz started in the healthcare field when she was 18 and has been a nurse for twelve years. Liz thought that she would be a nurse for the rest of her life as she has always loved serving people. In 2017 her daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called the Monolithic Mutation of the KIF5C gene. Currently there are only 26 children worldwide with this diagnosis. Liz and her family live in a small rural community. There was no real resources for a person with disabilities in her area. Wishing to better understand the nuances of living with a disability and the desire to build a community for her daughter, Liz began attending any trainings she could find. Liz connected with Peak five years ago when she first attended a webinar on the IEP process. She was seeking a better understanding of the law, her child’s rights, and how to advocate for her child and the children in her community. Liz took advantage of the many learning opportunities (trainings, parent advising, the Conference on Inclusive Education, etc.) that PEAK Parent Center provides. Liz enjoys learning more about best practices and becoming better equipped to be an advocate for her children. After hearing the poem Welcome to Holland she realized her true calling. Her and her husband opened a non-profit organization in 2018 in their area to help children and adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Liz is excited and honored to be a part of the PEAK team by bringing those same resources to her rural community. In her free time Liz enjoys reading any book she can get her hands on, tending to her horse, taking her children out in nature, and hunting.

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