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Diana Jolly

Board of Directors
Allies for Inclusion

Diana Jolly has been a down-to-earth, selfless, loyal, and principled leader on PEAK’s Board of Directors from PEAK’s very beginnings – since 1992.

Her longevity on the Board has provided continuity through the years, and she has served as our unofficial Board “archivist.” She also brings the perspective of PEAK’s rural constituents, as she lives in a rural area. Diana recognizes that disability doesn’t happen in isolation, to someone else or someone else’s family. Everyone knows someone who has a disability, and at some point we will all need some type of accommodation due to circumstances in our lives. Diana feels strongly that all children have the right to be included in their neighborhood school in a regular classroom, that all children benefit when everyone is included in the same classroom, and that families are experts on the needs of their own children and should thus be involved in all decisions made for their children!

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