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Dan Wilkins

Advocate, Storyteller, and Visionary
Allies for Inclusion

Dan Wilkins, is an outspoken advocate, storyteller, and visionary for people living with disabilities and the culture to which they belong.

Since 1989, he has been sharing stories on a broad range of topics from disability and diversity awareness to the importance of humor, building inclusive communities, and seeing through bigger eyes. Dan is most recently the Director of Special Projects for The Ability Center, a Center for Independent Living located in Sylvania, Ohio. He is researching the Center’s 100-year history for the upcoming Centennial in 2020. He is also managing the archive of Tom Olin, the social documentarian and photographer for the Disability Rights movement since 1983. He lives in the suburbs of Luckey, Ohio, with his wife, Beth, a long-time occupational therapist-turned-massage therapist, and son, Taylor, a PEAK and TASH baby, now grown up. We are delighted to present an Allies for Inclusion award to Dan WIlkins, who’s been a friend of PEAK for a long time. Dan’s first visit to PEAK was in 1995. We honor Dan for his outspoken advocacy, unwavering principles, and his unique ability to get right to the heart of the matter with his graphics and messages that were always to the point, often humorous, and always communicated a very clear message for the principles of inclusion.

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