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Ann Wilson

Shift Transition Connector
PEAK Staff Team

Ann first learned about PEAK when she attended the 2011 Conference on Inclusive Education, an event that she has attended several times since then. Ann initially decided to attend the conference because she wanted to learn more about inclusion. When her son, who had developmental delays, transitioned from the early intervention program to preschool, there were limited opportunities for inclusion. As he moved forward in the public education system, Ann wanted to become more informed and not just accept what she was being told about educational placement and resources. Attending the conference is always inspiring for Ann, and she leaves with renewed energy to keep pushing forward to find ways that works best. She enjoys learning more about best practices and becoming better equipped to be an advocate for her children. Ann believes that we all benefit from diversity and inclusion. One of her favorite quotes is by Nicole Eredics who writes the blog The Inclusive Class: “The biggest risk of not including a child with disabilities is that we limit everyone’s potential as human beings.” Ann loves independent bookstores, books, quotes, and word art. One of her current, favorite books is A Humument by Tom Phillips, which she only recently discovered after seeing excerpts at the Denver Art Museum. Ann is grateful for the connections and community she has found as she and her family have made their way through special education and beyond!

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