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October Awareness, part 2

Welcome to part two of our October Awareness series! This series shares the many wonderful disability groups and causes that are spreading awareness in October. As stated in part one , in this post, you will find a few global and Colorado based websites to use as resources to learn more, support and connect with each of these groups and causes. As organizations continue to evolve, please reach out to us to let us know if we missed anything. WeRead more

October Awareness, part 1

October seems to be a favorite month for many reasons. One reason we at PEAK Parent love October is the diversity we get to celebrate and learn more about. Because there are so many amazing causes this month, we will be sharing them in a two part series of blog posts. In each post, you will find a list of disability groups and other causes that use October as their national or global month of awareness. You will also findRead more

For Teachers: A Note of Appreciation

In preschool, it was Miss Patti. In elementary school, it was Elizabeth Patrick, Kathy Samuels, and Marlene Fisher. My secondary schooling provided fewer educators that positively impacted me, but Burnham Whittington, my Advanced English teacher from junior year comes to mind. Miss Patti - I don’t remember much about her - if that was her first name or her last, or what she looked like, but I know she made me feel safe, welcomed, and loved. Ms. Patrick made meRead more