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PEAK Staff Team

PEAK Staff Team

Ann first learned about PEAK when she attended the 2011 Conference on Inclusive Education, an event that she has attended several times since then. Ann initially decided to attend the conference because she wanted to learn more about inclusion. When her son, who had developmental delays, transitioned from the early intervention program to preschool, there were limited opportunities for inclusion. As he moved forward in the public education system, Ann wanted to become more informed and not just accept what she was being told about educational placement and resources.

Danae first learned about PEAK while working in Oregon for another Parent Center like PEAK. So, when she and her family moved to Colorado, Danae already knew about PEAK's great work and it was the first place she called. Danae felt much less anxious about her family’s move after connecting with PEAK - it was like having a ready-made support team! Danae’s wish for her husband and her first child was that he would make them a family. Her wish for their second child was that she would be extraordinary. Both wishes came true, though it didn’t always feel that way.

Emily joined the PEAK team in 2015, when she decided to put her development skills to work for PEAK in efforts to make a positive impact in her community! Much of Emily’s professional background consists of direct client services and advocacy work in the nonprofit arena. For a period of time, Emily worked on the development team at an organization that serves people who have been trafficked (human trafficking). Emily believes in a world of equality for all.

Rob has been involved with PEAK for many, many years. He first worked at PEAK when he was in high school when PEAK Co-Founders Barb Buswell and Judy Martz asked him to come work for them. He thought that was a good idea. After high school, Rob worked at a grocery store for 15 years until the store eventually closed. Because Rob likes that PEAK helps people and does good work, in 2007 he decided to join the PEAK team again!

Also Fluent and Literate in Spanish

Nick Harmon first became involved with PEAK when he was asked to be a featured self advocate in SPEAKout, PEAK’s e-Newsletter. Nick then began volunteering at PEAK, found out about a job posting, and decided to apply. In 2014 Nick joined the PEAK staff where he enjoys helping other people in the office. Nick has a few different jobs and a couple of reasons he likes working at PEAK are that he always stays busy and feels that the people he works with help him learn and try new things.

Salena joined the PEAK team in 2008 when a colleague referred her to PEAK for a consulting position. Since this time, she has become more aware of PEAK’s mission and the community PEAK serves. Salena enjoys learning about the limitless opportunities for inclusion and achievement by those with disabilities, something she was not aware of before she began working at PEAK. Salena would never pass up on an opportunity to travel and feels grateful for seeing smiles at work every time she comes in!

Pam first connected with PEAK when she and her daughter, Katie, who has cerebral palsy, attended an event sponsored by PEAK Parent Center at The Children’s Museum. Seeking to become a stronger advocate for her child, Pam took advantage of the many learning opportunities (trainings, parent advising, the Conference on Inclusive Education, etc.) that PEAK provides. As she became more empowered she also became more involved and served for six years on both the Colorado Interagency Coordinating Council and the Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee.

Beth joined the PEAK team in 1987 when PEAK Co-Founders Barb Buswell and Judy Martz asked her to coordinate a new grant that focused on the inclusion of students with disabilities in regular classes, schools, and communities. Beth’s son Rob, who has a disability, had just joined Beth’s family a few years before, and she and her husband, Bob, held a deep commitment to being sure Rob was included in their family, his schools, and their community.

Missy first became involved with PEAK as a parent looking to bolster her advocacy knowledge and skill. She attended a PEAK workshop and was impressed by the presenters and their expertise. In 2012, Missy joined the PEAK staff as a Parent Advisor because she wants to use her experience advocating for her daughter with a disability to help other families learn how to get the supports and services their children need to be successful in school and in life!