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Patricia Maycott

(719) 531-9400 x102
Patricia Maycott
Technology Coordinator

Also Fluent and Literate in Spanish

Patricia joined the PEAK team in 2002 in response to a job posting. What started out as employment quickly evolved into passion when she got to see the amazing work PEAK does with families, children with disabilities, and professionals. Through Patricia’s involvement with PEAK, she has learned many things but most importantly that we ALL deserve to be included and have rich opportunities to learn, to have fun, and to live full lives. Patricia wishes that more employers would give people with disabilities the opportunity to work and has seen first hand the amazing things people with disabilities can accomplish when they are given the opportunity and any necessary accommodations. Patricia's favorite color is black, and she loves living in Colorado, spending time with her family, cold weather, puzzles, and cats! Patricia is very grateful to be working at PEAK Parent Center and to know so many amazing people.