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Pam Christy *

(719) 531-9400 x109
Pam Christy *
Parent Training & Information (PTI) Director

Pam first connected with PEAK when she and her daughter, Katie, who has cerebral palsy, attended an event sponsored by PEAK Parent Center at The Children’s Museum. Seeking to become a stronger advocate for her child, Pam took advantage of the many learning opportunities (trainings, parent advising, the Conference on Inclusive Education, etc.) that PEAK provides. As she became more empowered she also became more involved and served for six years on both the Colorado Interagency Coordinating Council and the Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee. In 2004, Pam joined the PEAK team to continue expanding her advocacy toolkit and helping other families. She is married and has two teenage children and is proud to say that her daughter Katie, has always been educated with her typical peers. Pam loves to run, bike, swim, garden, and read and feels grateful for her family and all the joy they bring to her life!