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Nora Thompson

(719) 531-9400
Nora Thompson
Region D Technical Assistance Project Specialist

Nora Thompson works as the Co-Director for the Region D Technical Assistance Project which provides technical assistance to parent centers in the western United States. Nora formally joined the PEAK staff in 2019, but has been collaborating with PEAK since 2008. As a result of her work with PEAK, she has been able to widen her lens and grow her network. Nora states, “No one can move through this life alone, we are all dependent on each other, the gifts and differences that each person brings adds so much to others’ experiences and development.” One interesting thing about Nora is that while she has traveled extensively, she has lived within the same 10-mile radius her entire life. Nora is grateful for her extensive network of supportive people she can tap into when needed.