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Kholod Alhefzi

(719) 531-9400
Kholod Alhefzi
Parent Advisor

Kholod Alhefzi is one of PEAK’s Parent Advisers. She became involved with PEAK in 2018 after receiving PEAK’s support for her son. Kholod was inspired by PEAK as an organization because of how PEAK empowers families who have children with special needs to speak up for their kids. As a native of Saudi Arabia, Kholod hopes to transmit this concept of acceptance surrounding disability into Arabic culture.

Kholod recently graduated from UCCS with a master’s degree in Special Education. Although she is new to PEAK, she is excited to apply her coursework to parent advising as well as gain even more hands-on experience and insight into this field.

In her spare time, Kholod enjoys the television show, “Fixer Upper” and she is also fluent in Arabic.