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Emily Rome

(719) 531-9400 x103
Emily Rome
Technical Assistant Specialist

Emily joined the PEAK team in 2015, when she decided to put her development skills to work for PEAK in efforts to make a positive impact in her community! Much of Emily’s professional background consists of direct client services and advocacy work in the nonprofit arena. For a period of time, Emily worked on the development team at an organization that serves people who have been trafficked (human trafficking). Emily believes in a world of equality for all. Social justice is strong passion of hers, and she loves working at PEAK, where she can help make the world a better place for people in her community and state! Emily values the idea that everyone has a story to tell, that people’s stories are pretty interesting, and there is a lot we can all learn from each other. One fun fact about Emily: annually, she works as an international election observer and has observed elections in Ukraine, Albania, and Azerbaijan! Emily loves connecting with people of the world and being a part of a process that allows people to use their voices. She has seen first hand that there is power when people come together. Emily is grateful for many things, in particular the wonderful people in her life, her two cats, Maggie and Sophie, and for travel and adventure!