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Danae Davison *

(719) 531-9400
Danae Davison *
Parent Training & Information Connector

Danae first learned about PEAK while working in Oregon for another Parent Center like PEAK. So, when she and her family moved to Colorado, Danae already knew about PEAK's great work and it was the first place she called. Danae felt much less anxious about her family’s move after connecting with PEAK - it was like having a ready-made support team! Danae’s wish for her husband and her first child was that he would make them a family. Her wish for their second child was that she would be extraordinary. Both wishes came true, though it didn’t always feel that way. There are no guidelines for raising a child experiencing disability, especially one with multiple complications and no diagnosis. In the early days, Danae and her family felt isolated, scared and overwhelmed. PEAK offers a way for families to move forward with a positive vision - a way to embrace the extraordinary. Through the people that her daughter has brought into their lives, Danae has learned there is a revolution happening. We are moving out of a time of horrific treatment and injustice for people with disabilities. PEAK works toward the future Danae wants her daughter to have - one where she is a fully included member of the community who deserves the same rights as everyone else. In her role at PEAK, Danae hopes to keep learning more, meeting more people and pushing that dream. Danae’s favorite quote is from Kathie Snow: “Disability is a natural part of the human experience." Danae once wrote a play with five other moms about raising kids with disabilities. It was called "Fierce Love," and was produced by Well Arts. Almost every show was sold out and it was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to her. Danae is very grateful to live here in beautiful Colorado with her husband, two children and their grandparents!