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Board Member

Board Member

Jennifer joined the PEAK Board of Directors in 2019 wanting to contribute because she observed that PEAK cares about action in the best interest of children and families. She first became involved with PEAK by receiving support and then attending the Annual Conference on Inclusive Education. She is excited to contribute to a cause that affects her family and the greater community in a meaningful way. Jennifer’s belief is that friendships, community, love, inclusion, support, skill acquisition, and achievement should be accessible to all children and families.

Melisa Ruiz joined the board in June 2019. As a parent of two children with exceptional disabilities, she first became involved with PEAK in search of support and information. As a result of her involvement with PEAK, she has become a parent that proudly knows how to advocate for her children. Melisa is passionate about supporting the mission of PEAK. She  believes: all children are children first and foremost, we should all aspire to ensure that we don’t see a disability; but rather, we see the human potential for developing the gifts that every human being has the capability of sharing.

Ana Munoz first became involved with PEAK in 2019 when she was invited by another Board member to attend PEAK’s February conference. Ana is an advocate for children, animals and the elderly.  She is a parent of a child with a developmental delay disability and continues to find her the necessary services to help her excel. Ana also does her own forms of therapy at home with her daughter such as taking her on long hikes into nature and art therapy.

Kiki McGough became a board member in October 2018. She first became involved with PEAK in 1988 when she was working at Rose Hill Elementary School in Commerce City as a Special Education teacher and was asked by the school district to be on a panel for inclusion at PEAK’s annual conference. Kiki has been an advocate for inclusion and partnering with families throughout her entire career in Special Education.

Norm Thom joined the Board of Directors in 2018 and serves as Treasurer. He has been aware of PEAK and its mission for many years but became involved when board member Gerry Olvey contacted him about joining the board. Norm has a desire to include individuals with disabilities in their schools and communities and has become more aware of and involved in working on these issues since joining PEAK. Norm has a daughter with the rare Cohen Syndrome who has had a fuller and happier life because she has been included in her schools and community.

Sid Inamdar serves as Vice President of PEAK’s Board of Directors and first became involved with PEAK in 2017 after attending PEAK’S annual February conference. Sid is an ardent advocate for inclusive education and is committed to upholding PEAK’s mission of ensuring that every child has an equal right to a quality education. As a parent of a child with a rare disability, Sid is constantly in awe of how hard his daughter works to accomplish all that she wants.

Diana first learned about PEAK when she was invited to a focus group meeting about services that were available in her rural community. There, she met Ellie Valdez-Honeyman, a former PEAK Board Member, who encouraged Diana to learn more about PEAK, which eventually lead to Diana joining the board in 1992! Diana became involved with PEAK because of its unwavering commitment to its mission and core values. Throughout the years, as a result of her support of PEAK, Diana has had the opportunity to meet people and hear ideas that she never would have been exposed to otherwise.

Gerry first became involved with PEAK in the late 1980s when she worked with PEAK’s Executive Director Barbara Buswell.  In 2005 Gerry, a Special Education Administrator, joined the PEAK board because she had always appreciated PEAK’s philosophy and tireless work on behalf of ALL students. Being involved with PEAK over the years has helped to open Gerry’s thinking about many aspects of both disability AND ability. Gerry feels that the community is strengthened by diversity and inclusion facilitates this. She loves to travel, play golf, and spend time with her Springer named Sophie.

Marie has been formally and informally involved with PEAK throughout her life. When Marie was born with cerebral palsy, her parents sought out information and resources that could help support both them and Marie, and learned about PEAK. Marie’s parents attended PEAK’s events, conferences, and trainings and utilized everything they learned for Marie’s education and development! Over 30 years later, Marie found out about the self advocate entrepreneur exhibit opportunity at PEAK’s annual Conference on Inclusive Education and decided to sign up as an exhibitor.

While David officially joined the PEAK Board in 2013 after attending PEAK’s annual Conference on Inclusive Education, he had known about PEAK for a few years because of his role as a member of the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association Board. As the parent of a teenager with Down syndrome who has thrived in an inclusive setting, David has seen first-hand that diversity in the classroom not only benefits his daughter, but others in the classroom as well. David joined the PEAK Board to support their vision of inclusive education in an active way.