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Beth Schaffner *

(719) 531-9400 x112
Beth Schaffner *
Personal Networks for Transition Grant Coordinator

Beth joined the PEAK team in 1987 when PEAK Co-Founders Barb Buswell and Judy Martz asked her to coordinate a new grant that focused on the inclusion of students with disabilities in regular classes, schools, and communities. Beth’s son Rob, who has a disability, had just joined Beth’s family a few years before, and she and her husband, Bob, held a deep commitment to being sure Rob was included in their family, his schools, and their community. At this time, Beth was a special education teacher and was learning more and more about the possibilities of inclusive education and was committed to implementing inclusion for the kindergarten and first grade students with disabilities who she supported. As soon as Beth started working at PEAK, she felt it was the perfect place for her to be to be able to make a more systematic contribution to the inclusive schooling movement. Through PEAK, Beth has had the opportunity to meet and to learn from a host of remarkable, inspiring people: people with disabilities whose spirits are indomitable and who in spite of challenges keep fighting for what is right for themselves and for others; professionals who walk with people with disabilities and their families in very positive ways to support their empowerment; and families who refuse to accept less than what their children deserve and need to lead full and successful lives. Beth loves reading and being outside (when it is warm), and is grateful to her son who has a truly insurmountable spirit. In spite of the many challenges he has faced, Rob remains positive, inquisitive, caring, and persistent. In short, she thinks he is amazing!