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 We are thrilled to welcome you to this year’s Gathering of the Region D Parent Centers in beautiful Boise, Idaho. The weather is supposed to be lovely. The location of the hotel is fantastic. We’re all looking forward to expanding our knowledge, forging new connections, and reconnecting with old friends over the course of a few days. But, before you arrive, we have a few logistical items for you to make your trip easier.


Hotel location: The Riverside Hotel, 2900 Chinden Blvd., Boise, Idaho. Phone: 208-343-1871 


Getting there: The Boise Airport is only about a 20-minute drive. The hotel has a complimentary shuttle that runs between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm. When you arrive, just call the hotel and they will send the shuttle. 208-343-1871. You can also call for an Uber/Lyft or use one of the taxi cabs waiting outside of the airport.


Meeting space and arrival: We will be on the 2nd floor in the North Star Room each day. When you arrive, we will have packets for each of you including both a name badge/lanyard and a name card to place at your table. You can pick those up off the table at the room Tuesday morning. Here is a map of the hotel’s meeting space/stairs/elevators/restrooms. 

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