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Who Does PEAK Parent Center Help?

Families who have children with disabilities from birth through age 26. PEAK also assists youth and self-advocates with disabilities who are advocating for themselves.

What Can Families and Self-Advocates Expect From PEAK Parent Center?

Safe and confidential support that will help you strategize and problem solve, no matter the situation! PEAK is a beacon of hope for families who have children with disabilities and self-advocates, and is their one-stop-resource for disability information and referrals in Colorado. Whether a family or a self-advocate's questions relate to specific disabilities, laws that protect their rights, how to advocate, available community resources, or even when they just aren't sure where to begin, PEAK has experience, ideas, and answers!

"In PEAK I found a community of other parents, educators, and researchers who believed that we are all better together, that disability does not mean less, it means different and those differences are OK. PEAK gave me the courage to follow my deeply held belief that my daughter would benefit from going to school with everyone else, and that other kids would benefit from getting to know her as well." ~ Elisabeth Healey, Parent 

What Types of Services Are Available to Families and Self-Advocates and What Are the Costs?

PEAK helps families, self-advocates, educators, and professionals to see new possibilities by expanding their knowledge of special education and advocacy issues, and offering new strategies for, and pathways to success. Most of PEAK’s services are available to families and self-advocates at no cost, in both English and Spanish. These services include (Note: ** Indicates that the service has an associated cost):

  • Parent and Youth Advising in both English and Spanish: Connections to trained parent and youth advisors who provide individualized information, support, and referrals to families by phone, email, and in-person, 
  • Free community workshops in locations across Colorado on key topics for families, self-advocates/youth, educators, and professionals,  
  • Free online webinars on key topics for families, self-advocates/youth, educators, and professionals,
  • An annual conference on inclusive and best practice education attended by families, self-advocates, educators, and professionals, **
  • An online Colorado Calendar of disability-related events,
  • SPEAKout Blog that contains news and updates for families of children with disabilities, self-advocates, and youth, 
  • A parent leadership course for families of children with disabilities,
  • A leadership course for self-advocates and their families, 
  • Person Centered Planning facilitation and training **
  • Plus much more! 

What Types of Disabilities and What Ages Does PEAK Support?

PEAK serves families of children with all kinds of challenges whether they be physical, learning, emotional, cognitive, sensory, etc. The disability can be mild to significant and our services and expertise are not limited to one disability category. And, we offer support to families throughout their child’s educational journey, serving families who have babies, school aged children, and young adults (to age 26). PEAK also offers advising to self-advocates and youth related to transitioning to adulthood (college, employment, independent living, vocational rehabilitation, etc.).

Who should contact PEAK Parent Center?
  • Families of children with disabilities
  • General educators
  • Special educators
  • Self-Advocates (individuals with disabilities)
  • Friends of children/youth with disabilities
  • General education administrators
  • Special education administrators
  • Related service providers
  • Professionals in the Education, Medical, and Human Service Fields
  • Individuals who wish to contract with PEAK for consultation, customized in-service trainings, curriculum development, in-service presentations and/or workshops on a fee-for-service basis
  • Anyone interested in learning how to advance the full inclusion of people with disabilities in all walks of life