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Youth Virtual Summit 2021: Become, Discover and Connect

PEAK Parent Center - 2021 Leadership Summit - February 19-20 - Ages 16-21

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This year’s virtual conference is hosted by Whova. Whova is a conference software platform that will provide you the same experience as an in person conference. When registration is open, click here to register.

February 19, 2021: 10am - 2pm MST

February 20, 2021: 9am - 12pm MST

Held concurrently with PEAK's 2021 Virtual Conference on Inclusive Education.

PEAK’s Youth Leadership Team is excited to host the Youth Leadership Summit and introduce their 2020 – 2021 theme, Become, Discover and Connect.

The Leadership Summit team at PEAK wants to empower you to live your best life.  We want you to BECOME familiar with who you are and what you are capable of, to DISCOVER your goals and passions and learn how to CONNECT and communicate with the world around you. You are enough, you have what it takes and your time is now!

The Youth Leadership Summit:

  • Is for young adults, ages 16-21 with varying abilities/disabilities (self-advocates.)
  • Provides participants with a safe space to use thier voice
  • Is designed for participants to experience as independently as possible.

The Details:

  • Registration Rate: $50
  • Included for each participant with registration is a Certificate of Completion for his or her resumes.
  • Registration for the Youth Summit includes a full pass to main conference activities.

 NOTE: While the Youth Leadership Summit is being universally designed to accommodate diverse styles of learning and communication, PEAK recognizes that some youth may require additional individual supports to ensure their full participation. Due to very limited resources, PEAK may not be able to provide the individual supports required but is willing to explore options with youth and families, however, parents/guardians do not participate in the session.


Participants of the 2021 Youth Leadership Summit will:

  • Become knowledgeable about their individual strengths, interest and needs
  • Discover tools and tips to begin their journey to independence in whatever capacity that is for them
  • Learn to connect and engage with their community

For Youth Scholarship Information - Click Here

Who are the PEAK Parent Center's Youth Leadership Team? 

Sherrell's Photo

Sherrell Bethel:

Sherrell strongly believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to be the best version of themselves and to be treated with dignity and respect. Sherrell is grateful for her family and says that they are her strength when she is feeling weak.

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