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R5 Zone: About the Region 5 PTAC

The Purpose of Region 5 PTAC

The purpose of the Region 5 Parent Technical Assistance Project (Region 5 PTAC) is to provide technical assistance to Parent Centers, comprised of 10 Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) and 2 Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs), in a 10 state region (Arizona: Raising Special Kids, Colorado: PEAK Parent Center, Colorado: THRIVE Center, Kansas: Families Together, Inc., Montana: Parents, Let’s Unite For Kids, Nebraska: PTI Nebraska, New Mexico: EPICS, New Mexico: Parents Reaching Out, North Dakota: Pathfinder Parent Center, South Dakota: South Dakota Parent Connection, Utah: Utah Parent Center, Wyoming: Parent Information Center). The Region 5 PTAC believes that Parent Centers help foster independence in families so they are empowered to participate and advocate for their children throughout their lives. Through its technical assistance, the Region 5 PTAC supports sustainable, independent, empowered, and successful Parent Centers. 

The Region 5 PTAC is funded by the Office of Special Education Programs at the U.S. Department of Education. The Region 5 PTAC utilizes existing pools of resources to develop the capacity of Parent Centers in Region 5 by providing targeted and intensive technical assistance so that Parent Centers will more effectively serve families in their state! PEAK Parent Center has been implementing the Region 5 PTAC project since 2003. Learn more about PEAK Parent Center’s core vision and values!

Region 5 PTAC Services

  • Individualized Technical Assistance in agency and grant management and program content areas
  • Connections to regional and national resources, including OSEP, Technical Assistance and Dissemination Projects and other PTACs in the Parent Center Network
  • Assistance with outreach to better serve under-represented families
  • Technical Assistance on working collaboratively with State Education and Part C Lead Agencies
  • Facilitation of strategic technology planning and assistance with connecting Parent Centers with cutting edge non-profit technology resources
  • Board training and development
  • Assistance with connecting Parent Centers to best practices and resources that address Parent Center needs
  • The development of Individualized Center Technical Assistance Plan
  • Monthly Topical Director Teleconferences/webinars and Directors’ listserve
  • TAKE 5 electronic newsletter
  • Annual Regional Meeting of Parent Centers in Region 5
  • Region 5 PTAC website
  • Site visits and trainings for Parent Centers in Region 5

How to ask for technical assistance:

Each center has been assigned a lead TA Specialist. To request support, please contact your lead TA specialist:

Barb Buswell:
Jacey Tramutt:
Emily Rome:

Or phone PEAK Parent center 719-531-9400.