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Youth Leadership Summit 2020: Ability in Power

February 20-21, 2020

Held concurrently with PEAK's 2020 Conference on Inclusive Education at the Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel.

PEAK's new Youth Leadership Team is excited to host The Leadership Summit and introduce their 2019-2020 theme, "Ability in Power." 

  • "Represent the Ascent" 
  • "Altitude = Attitude" 
  • "Weather It Together" 

The Youth Leadership Summit:

  • Is specifically designed for young adults, ages 16-21 with varying abilities/disabilities (self-advocates.)
  • Is to build skills for youth to share their voice.
  • Is for youth to experience as independently as possible.

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The Details:

  • Registration Rate: $150
  • Included for each participant with registration are a T-shirt and a Certificate of Completion for their resumes.
  • Because of design and space limitations, pre-registration is required. Space is limited to 20 participants.
  • The Youth Leadership Summit runs concurrently with Conference. 
  • Registration for the Youth Summit includes a full pass to main conference activities.


NOTE: While the Youth Leadership Summit is being universally designed to accommodate diverse styles of learning and communication, PEAK recognizes that some youth may require additional individual supports to ensure their full participation. Due to very limited resources, PEAK may not be able to provide the individual supports required but is willing to explore options with youth and families, however, parents/guardians do not participate in the session.

What does "Ability in Power" mean? 

The Youth Leadership Team at PEAK strongly believes in your own power to define your own abilities. No one can take this power away from you. Each of us has strengths and areas of growth. Varying abilities define our ability to grow and to nurture our voice. Together we have the power to change, inspire our own future, and to define our supports. 


Participants of the 2020 Youth Leadership Summit will: 

  • Identify their individual strengths, interests, and needs.
  • Gain skills to ask hard questions and speak up about thier abilities, needs, and vision for adult life.
  • Learn personal leadership tools they can use Monday morning.

Who are the PEAK Parent Center's Youth Leadership Team? 

Dan Smith Photo

Dan Smith: 

Dan believes that inclusion takes everyone working together and being open to the idea that we are unique and can successfully live symbiotic lives in this world. Dan is a soccer enthusiast who loves music, art, and experiencing new things. Dan is grateful for family.

sara Carters photo2

Sara Carter:

Sarah believes that inclusion makes the world a better place because it brings awareness of all abilities of all humans from all experiences and backgrounds. Sarah is an athlete who also loves music and collages. Sarah is grateful for her beautiful community, amazing partner, and her dog.

Register youth for the Youth Leadership Summit online, today! 

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