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Conference on Inclusive Education

2022 Virtual Conference on Inclusive Education  

Mark your calendars for February 10, 17, & 24, 2022!

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If you attended the 2021 Conference on Inclusive Education, you might agree that it was a huge success! The results from our data collection are back from our evaluator and we can say with confidence that it indeed was. Check out a glimpse of the feedback below:

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If you were an attendee of the 2021 Conference you can access keynotes and breakouts here through August 18, 2021.


We’re Going Virtual!

PEAK Parent Center is excited to announce the 2021 Conference on Inclusive Education is going virtual! The virtual conference will feature the same great content  you’ve come to love from our in-person format including the most up-to-date knowledge of practical strategies, the latest evidence-based research, and more.  Whether you’re desperate for distance learning strategies, need to recharge your inclusive teaching battery, connect with like-minded parents, or want to learn about cutting edge resources and take-away tools from some of the best leaders in the field,  this is the conference for you. Join our conference community in this new virtual space!

Details on keynote speakers, break-out presenters, and more will be posted here and on our FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Be sure to follow us!

Check Back for announcement regarding the Call for Proposals for 2022. 

What is PEAK Parent Center Conference on Inclusive Education?

Inclusive education is a process of school reform that creates equity in education and increases achievement for ALL students. In inclusive schools students, families, general and special educators, administrators, support staff, and community members work together to make curriculum accessible to all learners and to differentiate instruction. This conference is an excellent development opportunity for all involved in the education and support of students with disabilities, and brings these groups together to learn, collaborate, and focus on strategies that work. The ultimate goal is participation by all students, regardless of ability, to lead rich lives of belonging in their communities. 

Who attends the Conference?

Family Members explore ways to increase family and school collaboration.

General educators, special educators and school professionals access innovative, research-based educational strategies that will enhance learning for ALL students. 

Administrators learn strategies for leading their staff in supporting all students to achieve. Bring back program ideas, information for parent involvement, collaboration and legal updates.

Self Advocates, in addition to gaining life strategies, share experiences and contribute to extending the discussion beyond the conference.

College students majoring in general or special education gain an understanding of what inclusion in the classroom looks like.

Youth gain leadership skills through the Youth Leadership Strand.

What are attendees saying about the Conference?

"There is nothing else in the country quite like the Annual PEAK Conference. The sessions are top-notch and the people you meet are even more impressive! Whether you are a parent wanting support, a self-advocate seeking inspiration, or a teacher craving new ideas, you WILL want to be at this conference.” - Paula Kluth, PEAK Conference Speaker and Internationally Acclaimed Consultant, Teacher, Author, Advocate, and Independent Scholar, Chicago, Illinois

“This conference was recommended to me by both parents and colleagues. It was so worth my time and I am so glad I was able to attend. It rejuvenated my purpose of helping other and why I do what I do.” - Teacher, Colorado 

“Fantastic conference - such valuable and inspiration[al] speakers/content. Thank you!” - Parent, Colorado

“The PEAK Inclusion Conference has provided me and our school with the inspiring examples, available resources, necessary tools towards our pursuit of achieving our vision of becoming an inclusive school. As a result, our school is being transformed into a place where the needs of all students are being met in the most meaningful and life changing way. I would recommend this conference for all administrators and teachers who are looking for ways to ensure that all their students learn at high levels.”  - Bryan Garcia, Principal, Puesta del Sol Elementary, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“It was so encouraging to be surrounded by families and professionals who truly care about all kids. The conference gave me hope for education.” -  Related Service Provider, California

Conference Topics on Inclusive Practices:

  • Accessing General Education Curriculum

  • Accommodations and Modifications

  • Advocacy & Rights

  • Assistive Technology

  • Behavior Support Strategies 

  • Data that Supports Inclusive Education

  • Differentiated Instruction & universal Design for Learning

  • Distance Learning

  • Early Childhood Inclusion

  • The Individualized Education Plan

  • Inclusion in College

  • Literacy and Reading

  • Restorative Practices for Families and Teachers

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Systems Change for Inclusion

  • Transition to Adulthood

  • A Youth Leadership Strand

  • And more!

Previous Conference Presenters Include:

  • Rosemarie Allen

  • Danny Brassell

  • Jason Corning

  • Hasan Davis

  • Dale DiLeo

  • Doug Fisher

  • Stephen Hinkle

  • LeDerick Horne

  • Paula Kluth

  • Norman Kunc & Emma Van der Klift

  • Patti McVay

  • Robin McWilliam

  • Jonathan Mooney

  • Luis Perez

  • Patrick Schwarz

  • Sue Swenson

  • Jacque Thousand

  • Rich Villa

  • Therese Willkomm

  • And MANY more!

Questions or concerns

Contact the conference department at or 719-531-9400.

Check out recent conference agendas to get a feel for presenters, topics, and festivities! Note: each of the links below will open in a new tab, to display a PDF.