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Finding the Light through PEAK Parent Center

Sid and Carole’s world was bright with the anticipation of the birth of a daughter. When the much awaited day arrived, along with the immense joy of giving birth to their little girl,Yara, they faced many challenges. Life was now very complex having a special needs child, and it cast a dark shadow on this special time. Garden variety parenting advice they received from friends and family fell woefully short in meeting their needs. Sid and Carole found themselves franticallyRead more

How Failure Turned into Success: Stacy and Brandon

Like any other parent, Stacy is a mother who has big dreams for her fourth grade son, Brandon. Her dreams were challenged when Brandon started to fall behind in school. Tension mounted as she became aware that her son’s needs were not being met. Communication with his teachers became difficult and frustrating. Stacy needed help. How could she get the staff at Brandon’s school to “hear” her so he could succeed? Stacy found hope for Brandon at PEAK Parent Center.Read more

Learning Disabilities, Teacher Training, and ESSA in Colorado

By Debbie Campbell, Parent Fellow for the National Center for Learning Disabilities ( ) When I started my career as a long-term substitute teacher, I was placed in a special education classroom. I really didn’t know how to work with children with disabilities because my training program didn’t focus on special education. I had to learn on the job, with limited supports from the school. It’s been 16 years, and I’m no longer a teacher, but my experienceRead more

Take Control of Your Future: VOTE in Your Local Election

Election Day is coming up on November 7, 2017 and we are excited to share information and tips about voting for people with disabilities and their families. En Español: Derecho al Voto de los Individuos con Discapacidades ; y Regístrate para Votar . If you are an educator interested in informing your students about the importance of voting, check out this article, Rock the Vote , from Teaching Tolerance! In every election season it is extremely important for all eligibleRead more

Make Your Voices Heard: Proposed Changes to Medicaid

Within the next five days, the United States Senate is expected to propose major changes to Medicaid funding. Parents of children with disabilities have been expressing to us their concerns that changes to Medicaid funding will have a significant impact on the families and self-advocates that PEAK Parent Center serves. Your voice is important. Here are some things you can do to pay close attention to information that is being released. Things are happening quickly. Information could be released asRead more

Word Watch: Realistic

For our first Word Watch transition blog , PEAK enlisted friend and colleague Ian Watlington to contribute his wisdom and advice on how to avoid the “red flags” during the transition journey in order to move forward toward positive futures. We hope you enjoy hearing from Ian. Word Watch: Realistic By Ian Watlington It’s a question everyone gets asked at various stages in his/her life: What do you want to be when you grow up? As life goes along, suchRead more

Word Watch: A Guide for Transition Supports and Services

If you need a guide that can help you make good decisions about transition and the supports and services you or your young person (if you are a parent) may need along the way, the Word Watch blog series from PEAK’s Shift Transition Project can help! There is a vast number of resources out there about transition to adulthood! Many are very good: they reflect best practices and current thinking about inclusion, belonging, respect, choices, and valuing the contributions ofRead more