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Youth Leadership Summit 2020: Ability in Power

Youth Leadership Summit 2020: Ability in Power

Our staff at PEAK Parent Center have one thing on our minds this time of year: our Annual Conference on Inclusive Education. This year the theme is Discover the Possibilities! Today we want to highlight part of the conference we are really excited about, the Youth Leadership Summit

You might be thinking Why have a Youth Leadership Summit? Isn’t PEAK for parents? Yes, PEAK is all about parents, BUT we help parents so they can help their children to become adults who can take control of their lives and know how to navigate the roads of adulthood as they choose. So it is equally, if not more, important for youth to come discover the possibilities in a way that compares to a camp-like experience and offers food that appeals to young palates but with equal exposure to all the same standards and takeaways that PEAK’s conference is known for.

Are you 16 to 21 years old? Do you or someone you know have a disability, an IEP, or receive special education services or supports? Would you like to learn more about community leadership, self-advocacy, and inclusive strategies? Plan now to attend the Youth Leadership Summit, part of PEAK Parent Center’s Annual Conference on Inclusive Education exclusively for young adults with disabilities February 20-21st in Denver!

PEAK’s Youth Leadership Summit is a great way for young adults to come together in a safe, trusting environment with others to share, grow, and challenge themselves. The activities and topics will delve into self-advocacy and leadership skills. Some of last year’s participants had this to say: 

“It was the best experience that I have had. I’m so happy I got to do this.”

 “They open (sic) my eyes to stand up for myself.”

“It gave me an opportunity to talk and get to know other people like me.”

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Come build your voice and experience Ability in Power with PEAK’s Youth Leadership Team. You will receive a full pass to main conference activities which include cutting edge keynotes from leaders in the field of inclusion such as Jonathan Mooney, an award-winning disability rights activist who did not learn to read until he was twelve. Gain skills to equip you to ask hard questions and speak up about your rights, and what works for you in school, the workplace and other areas of adult life while identifying your unique interests, needs, and strengths.

In Ability in Power, we believe that your attitude will equal your altitude in life. PEAK’s Youth Leadership Team represents the ascent and we weather life’s obstacles together! Together we have the power to change, inspire our own futures, and to define our own supports. Join this fun, 2-day leadership opportunity by registering today. 

*Registration is limited to 20 participants, and pre-registration is required. We cannot accept walk-up registrants.