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Word Watch: A Guide for Transition Supports and Services

Word Watch: A Guide for Transition Supports and Services

If you need a guide that can help you make good decisions about transition and the supports and services you or your young person (if you are a parent) may need along the way, the Word Watch blog series from PEAK’s Shift Transition Project can help!

There is a vast number of resources out there about transition to adulthood! Many are very good: they reflect best practices and current thinking about inclusion, belonging, respect, choices, and valuing the contributions of people with disabilities. Sadly, there are also practices still in use today that are not based on these five important principles, practices that lead people with disabilities toward isolated lives where they are not valued as individuals, are not full members of the community, and never realize their full potential.

PEAK’s Shift Transition Project carefully screens transition resources and highlights the best information through our training activities, individual assistance from our Transition Advisors, and publications. We also flag and work to educate you about the problems with the resources and practices that do not reflect the valuing principles about supporting people with disabilities.

Here are links to several online glossaries we have found to be most helpful in defining many of the transition, employment, and independent living terms you will see and hear as you work through transition and beyond:

Through the Word Watch blog series we hope to alert you to “red flag” terms and practices you might encounter during transition, explain why they can be problematic, and offer you alternate information and advice to assist you in speaking up for what you need and making wise choices about supports and services that can help you reach your goals for the future.

We invite you to tune into the Word Watch blog series right here on PEAK’s SPEAKout Blog! Additionally, please contact PEAK to connect with a Transition Advisor who can offer individualized information and assistance.