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What’s Your Role As We Strive for Change?

What’s Your Role As We Strive for Change?

Each February PEAK Parent Center holds its annual Conference on Inclusive Education in Denver. Chances are that if you’re reading this you’ve been there, or have at least heard about it. You know the excitement, the emotional charge, and the camaraderie that occurs. You also know the sense of community that encapsulates this conference and all that PEAK does. Community is what drives PEAK!

Today we address our conference sponsors -a very important part of the PEAK community. This event sells out each year with over 450 attendees from at least 25 states. Parents, general and special educators, school administrators, advocates, and many others with a stake in public education make their way to Denver to hear from some of the best innovators and experts on inclusion. PEAK can’t make this conference happen without the financial support of our sponsors.

We invited our sponsors to join us last Friday at Atrevida Beer Co. in Colorado Springs for late afternoon snacks and a pint. It was a great opportunity to sit down and reflect on the work we do and the impact it has on individuals, families, schools and our larger communities in Colorado and beyond. Craig and Wil from the Arc Pikes Peak Region shared memories of how 20 years ago the idea that all behavior is communication was a radical idea. Now it’s a widely accepted norm. Elaine from PASCO (Personal Assistance Services of Colorado) discussed the important role local agencies play in the support of individual needs and how critical they are to quality of life. Each of us has a vital role in the change we wish to see. Being together with our sponsors allowed us to see our connectedness and affirm our vision for positive futures for all.

Now is the time to plan for the 2019 Conference will be February 14-15 with the theme “In the Heart of Community Everybody Belongs.” We invite you to join us!. Information can be found here.  

Additionally, we invite you to join our list of enthusiastic sponsors. Contact PEAK’s Development Coordinator Emily Rome at or 719-531-9400 x106 for details on how you can impact PEAK’s mission to ensure individuals with disabilities are fully included in all aspects of their lives. Not up for sponsorship level commitment? Consider a donation of your choice. No matter what role you play, you are a necessary part of this community. Together we can improve lives of youth with disabilities!

The 2018 Conference on Inclusive Education sponsors included the Colorado Department of Education Exceptional Student Services Unit, The Arc Pikes Peak Region, Shandy Clinic, Team Select, Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association, PASCO, and NTSOC (Nursing Therapy Services of Colorado). We express sincere appreciation for their support!