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A Week at PEAK - Tuesday

A Week at PEAK - Tuesday

The PEAK Editorial Team presents: "A Week at PEAK" in which we will give you an extra special sneak PEAK into our new office space at 917 East Moreno Ave., spotlighting our incredible staff members and innovative projects! Stay tuned every day this week to meet a new member of our staff and hear about their journey to PEAK as well as their impact on families across Colorado.

On this Terrific Tuesday, we are pleased to introduce you to Pam Christy! Pam has been with PEAK for 14 years, serving in multiple roles including as the Mentor Coordinator and most recently as the Parent Training and Information (PTI) Coordinator. As the PTI Coordinator, Pam is responsible for organizing parent trainings and webinars across Colorado. Read more to get an inside look into how Pam coordinates PEAK's outreach efforts to families across the state!

What does a typical Parent Training look like?
Well, for example we had an IEP Training at the ARC of Arapahoe & Douglas Counties on August 8th. We used our robust curriculum vetted by the Department of Education, which includes a slideshow presentation, informational packets, and interactive activities led by one of our Parent Advisers. Most of our trainings are around 2-2.5 hours long with time for parents to ask questions.

How do you decide where you're going to go next for a training?
We look at our map of the state to see which regions we have been to recently and where we need to go in order to increase our impact. I then sit down with the trainers and talk logistics - Where are the areas of the state in which there are unmet needs and limited resources? That question helps me plan accordingly. For example, we found an opportunity to educate families in Pueblo about their voice when it comes to voting, advocacy, and IEP meetings. Therefore, we're going to be in Pueblo on September 6 for a Voting Rights and Responsibilities training.

What is your vision for the future of the PTI Project?
I want to reach out to the more rural areas of the state, expanding PEAK's services outside of Denver, Fort Collins, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs in order to help more families.

Why should families attend PEAK's trainings?
Knowledge is power and families need to feel empowered throughout the process of advocating for their child. Of course families should come if they want to learn about a training's specific topics. They'll also get stronger connections with professionals and families with similar circumstances so there's a social aspect as well; parents will know that they are not alone. Our trainings also better connect families to PEAK and our wealth of resources including our experts whom families can speak to one-on-one to get all of their questions answered.

Are there any upcoming trainings that we can put on their calendars?
9/11 - Voting Rights and Responsibilities for People with Disabilities in Northglenn from 3:30-5pm
9/20 - Voting Rights and Responsibilities for People with Disabilities in Ft. Collins from 4:30-6pm
9/25 - Voting Rights and Responsibilities for People with Disabilities in Grand Junction from 4:30-6pm
9/27 - The IEP: A Tool for Realizing Possibilities workshop in Aurora from 4:30-6pm

9/6 - Tips for Building Self-Reliance and Self-Advocacy No Matter What Your Child's Age from 12-1pm
9/20 - Navigating Systems: Social Security Benefits from 12-1 pm

9/13 - PEAK Fundraising Event: "Elevate, Activate, and Change" in Colorado Springs from 6-9pm
9/31 - Care for the Caregiver Social from 5-7pm

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