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Spread the Word: A Week in the Life of PEAK


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Spread the Word: A Week in the Life of PEAK

Spread the Word: A Week in the Life of PEAK

PEAK in a Nutshell

PEAK Parent Center is a nonprofit that works every day to ensure that children and youth with disabilities are fully included in their neighborhood schools, communities, employment, and all walks of life.

Many of you know PEAK for our Parent Training and Information (PTI) services. And, if you don’t know about PEAK’s PTI project, we invite you to learn more. But, did you know that PEAK has additional projects which help us serve even more families and youth across the State of Colorado? Today, we share some of PEAK’s additional projects with you!

ASPIRE Project

PEAK’s ASPIRE Project works with youth and their families in six regions across the State of Colorado where they receive receive training and information, including advocacy, community resources, educational and employment opportunities, and more. Youth, between ages 14 and 21 who are enrolled in the program learn about self-determination, how to use their strengths, their rights under the law, and leadership skills.

Shift Project

The purpose of PEAK’s Shift Transition Project (Shift) is to serve families and youth who have disabilities to realize new transition possibilities! Shift provides resources, training, and support to families and to youth with disabilities on transition to college, post-secondary opportunities, how to plan for positive futures, and how to access supports and services after leaving school. 

Region 5 PTAC Project

The purpose of PEAK’s Region 5 Parent Technical Assistance Project (Region 5 PTAC) is to provide technical assistance to other Parent Centers, like PEAK, in a 10 state region including Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. The Region 5 PTAC supports Region 5 Parent Centers to help foster independence in families in their states so they are empowered to participate and advocate for their children throughout their lives.

Early Dispute Resolution Project

PEAK is proud to be a part of the Early Dispute Resolution Advisory Board within the Colorado Department of Education. This team is bringing Facilitated Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings and skills to Colorado as an option to improve IEP team meetings for families and educators. Members of PEAK’s staff are part of the trained facilitator teams who are teaching all IEP team members (parents, educators, third party providers, etc.) about the skills needed in various communities in the state, to effectively manage conflict and reach consensus at IEP meetings. 

PEAK Staff

Meet and learn about PEAK’s staff members that do all the amazing work on these projects!

Fun PEAK Facts!

  • PEAK was founded in 1986 and began as a grassroots efforts by two mothers who both had young children with disabilities. 
  • Barbara Buswell, one of PEAK’s original founders, still serves as PEAK’s Executive Director! 
  • The majority of both PEAK’s Board of Directors and staff are parents or family members of individuals with disabilities who come from a variety of backgrounds.
  • PEAK serves not only families of children and youth with disabilities, but also educators and professionals!
  • In 2016, PEAK celebrated our 30th anniversary!

By spreading the word about PEAK Parent Center, you can help more families get access to the information they need to make sure their youth are fully included in all walks of life. Help us continue this important work by donating today.

How can you get involved with PEAK Parent Center?

Spread the Word: connect families who might need support to PEAK Parent Center. PEAK serves families of children with all kinds of unique needs, whether they are physical, learning, emotional, cognitive, sensory, etc. We offer support to families who have babies, school-aged children, and young adults, and we now serve youth with disabilities, as well.

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