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The Ups and Downs of Halloween

The Ups and Downs of Halloween

October is Halloween month. This time of play and fancy can be a great chance for kids to participate with others in their neighborhood as they dress up and imagine themselves as new beings.

When my kids were little, Halloween was a holiday I looked forward to and dreaded. My friends’ kids had playful, imaginative, amazing costumes which they planned for weeks, if not months, in advance. This mother, who doesn’t sew, struggled to find fun costumes especially for my son who uses a wheelchair. So for years my son, by default, was a ghost…a good ghost with face paint and white robes that eerily flowed while his wheelchair glided through autumn leaves on windy Halloween nights.

While I was filled with guilt because my son had the same costume year after year, my son had a different feeling. He reports that though his mother didn’t meet her standard of excellence for creative costumes, he still loved the time spent trick-or-treating with his friends in the neighborhood. The costume wasn’t the point.

So this Halloween, enjoy making magic with your kids and don’t be hard on yourself for things that aren’t really that important a few years later.

Happy Halloween!