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PEAK is Celebrating New Youth Outreach Activities: 2016 Quarter 1 Update

PEAK is Celebrating New Youth Outreach Activities: 2016 Quarter 1 Update

PEAK Parent Center is very grateful for the support we receive from our donors, the community, and you who are a part of the PEAK family. We are able to do the work we do because of your generosity, and we want to share with you some highlights of PEAK’s work from January to March 2016!

PEAK is excited about the new work we are doing with youth and thought it would be a great area to focus on for our first update!

14 youth, from Colorado and beyond, participated in the first ever Youth Leadership Strand at PEAK’s annual Conference on Inclusive Education. Here some comments from the youth about their experience: 

  • “These past two days, I’ve not only grown a lot, but learned a lot. I noticed that no matter what, everyone should be included and treated like what others say is “normal” and the typical person. I have always had a special place in me for others that are different than I, and this trip was a huge way of making it come out again.”
  • “I had a good experience here, because I learned about self-advocating and self-determination and learned about what rights people with disabilities have when in school/applying for a job. It was a privilege for me to come to this conference!”

PEAK’s ASPIRE Project held six youth trainings and meet-ups across the State of Colorado. Here are some comments from parents and youth who have attended these trainings and meet-ups:

  • “I feel like my daughter was a completely new person after she experienced the first ASPIRE Youth Leadership and Empowerment Training.” (Parent)
  • “I am so excited to be at this event. I love being here and I am getting to live the life I love.” (Youth)
  • “The PEAK ASPIRE trainings have been extremely beneficial for my family and we have learned a lot during the sessions!” (Parent)

The Shift Transition Project is holding a five-session course on self-advocacy and transition for youth with disabilities. Here is some of the positive feedback we’ve gotten about this course thus far:

  • “This was the greatest experience I ever had with people.” (Youth)
  • “Wow, last Saturday's class was worth its weight in gold! My son set up an appointment with the local workforce center and we have an appointment with a university professional and my son’s special education teacher. She is very interested in gathering knowledge for her high school as a whole in addition to her investment in my son. Thank you so much!!” (Parent)
  • “I love how accommodating you are so you can reach all people in the room.” (Parent)

Keep your eye out for future quarterly updates from PEAK! We look forward to continuing to share the transformative impacts of PEAK’s work with you!