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Highlights from PEAK's 2015 Conference on Inclusive Education

Highlights from PEAK's 2015 Conference on Inclusive Education

PEAK’s 2015 Conference on Inclusive Education: Inclusion – A Road Worth Taking was once again a SOLD OUT show, and was a wonderful experience for all of our attendees and presenters! PEAK was honored to have keynote presentations from Sue Swenson, Lydia Brown, Paula Kluth, and Hasan Davis, in addition to workshops and breakout sessions presented by experts in the fields of inclusive and evidence-based education! If you weren’t able to join us in 2015, we hope you can join us in the future. And, as an enticement, we offer you some of the glowing comments left by attendees in the 2015 evaluations!

“What a lovely and genuinely inspiring conference! I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend. The speakers were all so knowledgeable and passionate... I'm still in awe! Overall... Just an amazing experience! I definitely look forward to putting all this newfound knowledge into action!” - Colorado Parent

“This was my first conference and I couldn't be more thrilled! As a parent of a 15 year old and a school OT, it has been amazing!” - Washington Professional

“This conference was exactly what I needed. Thank you for those who put this together, the speakers, their families and all the attendees for showing me that I am not alone, giving me the strength and courage to continue to advocate for the future I hope for!” - California Parent

“Every speaker was knowledgeable and practical. Thank for planning such a great and meaningful conference!” - Colorado Teacher

You can check out photos from the 2015 Conference on Inclusive Education on PEAK’s Flickr page!

Information about PEAK’s 2016 Conference on Inclusive Education will be available soon! To access all the latest conference news and updates, visit the conference website and be sure to connect with PEAK on Facebook and Twitter.

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