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In the Heart of Community Everybody Belongs

In the Heart of Community Everybody Belongs

Happy Fall! That means I am deep in the throes of planning the 33rd annual PEAK Parent Center Conference on Inclusive Education being held February 14-15, 2019 at the Denver Stapleton Renaissance Hotel.  

My name is Deana Heisler and I am the Events Coordinator at PEAK. As I began planning for our upcoming conference I stumbled on to the “conference vault,” which, if it weren’t electronic, would have that old library smell! It holds years and years of conference memories including evaluations from attendees. The “conference vault” encompasses the passion and conviction of our staff in bringing to life PEAK’s commitment to ensure that all people with disabilities are fully included in their schools, communities, employment, and all walks of life. It exemplifies PEAK’s passion in bringing best practices for Inclusive Education to families, self-advocates, general and special education teachers, administrators, and students from across the United States.

It has been so heart warming for me to see what PEAK has accomplished over the years, that I would like to share some of the inspiring comments from the evaluations.

“Because of what I learned from PEAK, I have seen a radical shift in the way I view my son – he is a capable, contributing, whole person with a future that HE will determine, not the system."

This conference encourages dreaming!

“I am not the same person now as when I entered the first session. I have changed through increased awareness and sensitivity. Thanks for making the world a better place. We have just crossed the bay; the ocean lies ahead.”

This conference impacts lives!

“I felt inspired, humbled, and awakened…I could hardly wait for the end of the day when I could call my teammates and my family to tell them new ideas and concepts I learned. (I want to tell the world!) My mind, heart and soul have been set on fire for the students and I have been inspired to do so many impacting changes for my students and son.”

This conference is life changing!

“This conference affirms the thoughts I had so many years ago when I was first faced with my son’s “disability” label; he is not someone who needs to “fixed.”  He is amazing and beautiful and adds to the diversity of this world in his own unique way of being.”

This conference inspires hope!

"I am no longer hesitant or fearful about approaching my son's teachers, knowledge is power!"

This conference is empowering!

This conference - It inspires courage to advocate for our children. It is a rising from the ashes, a metamorphosis for some. This conference is a life-giving community.  And to that end, the conference theme this year is “In the Heart of Community Everybody Belongs.”

We invite you to join us in this life changing, inspiring, empowering, and impactful 2 days to encourage more hoping, dreaming and to open doors. We’ll be announcing more over the coming months. For the most up-to-date conference information sign up for our mailing list and check out the conference section of our website.

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