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Forward on the Path to Possibility: New Year’s Wishes

Forward on the Path to Possibility: New Year’s Wishes

These last few weeks of December have given us time for brief pause and reflection at PEAK Parent Center.

Looking back, another year of blessings has been laid on our path; our grants from the U.S. Department of Education were renewed, the newly formed Region D of the Parent Technical Assistance Center Project has expanded our work in assisting other Parent Centers, and we've helped over 2,000 Colorado families. Looking forward, a new year of continuing this important work is laid before us. January is an intense month for PEAK, and we hit the new year running! There's preparation for our Annual Conference on Inclusive Education and requests for workshops throughout the state come rolling in. This important work we do is built on the mission of making a more inclusive world where all people will live rich, active lives participating as full members of their schools and communities.

The work we do at PEAK ranges from outreach to relationship-building in communities across the state of Colorado. Our youth outreach team has been working with Colorado Springs District 11's Mitchell High School to implement student-led IEPs. They will also lead the Youth Leadership Summit at our Annual Conference on Inclusive Education in February specifically for young self-advocates ages 16-21. The Parent Training and Information Project and RSA Shift teams are busy preparing workshops and webinars for the new year. (You can click here to see our current workshop and webinar schedule.) Our cultural outreach team is working on ways to reach as many Colorado families as possible. From the far corners of the state to the expansive bustle on the front range, we want families to know they've got a friend at PEAK. And as always our parent advisors are taking calls from parents and self-advocates. PEAK's Board of Directors works closely with staff to support PEAK's work.

For now, we enjoy the solace in the pause. Thank you for the role you play in our work. Whether you are an advocate or self-advocate who spreads the word of inclusion, a direct supporter, sponsor, or member of our community, your support and contributions matter. We could not do it without you. Here's to another year of hope and possibility for all people! Happy New Year!

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