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Blessings at PEAK

Here at PEAK there is never a dull moment. Our office is aflutter with the ring of the parent advisor line, the shuffling of office meetings, arrangements being made for the upcoming Conference on Inclusive Education, brochures to print, copies to be sent. But as the crisp fall air settles in around us in preparation for winter, we took some time to reflect on what makes us whole, what replenishes our cup so that we can continue this important work of creating inclusive communities and opportunities for all.

We are so grateful for all the connections we have in our PEAK community-friends, neighbors, loved ones near and far, and we are happy to have you. This week of Thanksgiving some of our staff at PEAK have shared what keeps them going, the blessings in their life. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek, and we wish you and yours the happiest of Thanksgivings filled with blessings and abundance. Thank you for being part of our PEAK community!

“I am thankful for the friends and associates we have met on our path through early intervention and special education.”

-Ann Wilson, Shift Transition Connector

“I am thankful that my middle child is such a daddy's girl. When he goes in to wake her in the morning she has her biggest smile of the day. I am also thankful that her big brother brings so much exuberance to our lives and that her little sister runs to grandpa when she sees him. I am thankful for the adventures that my creative husband brings, and for the support of my parents in all daily things. My family is a great home team.”

-Danae Davison, Parent Outreach Connector

“I'm thankful for my family, friends, and colleagues who push me to be better everyday.”

-Bethany Dibble Bruder, Operations Coordinator


“I am thankful for my family, for my circles of support, for their love, for my pets who choose to include me in their lives, and for my health.”

-Emily Tamayo, Youth Advisor, Outreach Specialist, TAC Outreach Coordinator

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“I so appreciate growing up and raising my family in this beautiful state. I am thankful for all of my family especially my husband and three boys and all the adventures we have together. They teach me so much about life and open doors I never knew existed.”

-Leann Springer, Communications Specialist & Parent Trainer


“These are the reasons I am forever thankful to my kids for making me a mom:

  • newfound cooking skills

  • push me to be less selfish

  • instant pick me up

  • stronger relationships

  • better advocate

  • i've become fearless

  • appreciation for myself

  • lesson in humility

  • appreciate the small things

  • motherhood is beautiful

-Pam Christy, Parent Training & Information Director

I am grateful for all my family human and animals. Life is good.”

-Shirley Swope, Parent Advisor & Trainer

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