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Recorded Webinars

Increasing the knowledge base of families, self advocates, educators, and professionals is a major focus of PEAK Parent Center. Why? Information is empowering!

One way we achieve this goal is by offering links to recordings of webinars that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, and from anywhere! We hope you enjoy learning via the multitude of links below.

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Recordings of Webinars Sponsored/Presented by PEAK Parent Center (Note: each of the links below will open in external, non-PEAK websites):

Educational Parent Surrogate Training

Educational Parent Surrogate Training

IEP Webinar Series

Preparing for the IEP

Content of the IEP

Implementation and Follow-Up of the IEP

Improving IEP Teams (Spring 2020)

Know IDEA with Precision

Identify Sources of Conflict

Identify Sources of Resistance

Tips for Improving IEPs Webinar Series:

Part 1 - Understand Conflict and Create a Space for Change

Part 2 - The Role of Interests, Questions, and Listening

Part 3 - Create Connections, Understand Resistance, and Clarify Consensus

PEAK Webinars: Student Support

PEAK’s Shift Transition Project Webinar Series: In this series, hear motivating stories about how to advocate as youth with disabilities and as parents of youth with disabilities, plus much more! 

Transition Webinar Series

PEAK's Back to School Webinar Series:

PEAK's Early Childhood Webinar Series:

PEAK's Transition Webinar Series:

PEAK's Experts in Education Webinar Series: