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Conference on Inclusive Education

2019 Conference on Inclusive Education Dates Are Set:

Thursday and Friday, February 14 and 15 at the Denver Renaissance Stapleton Hotel.

About Inclusive Education and PEAK’s Annual Conference

Inclusive education is a process of school reform that creates equity in education and increases achievement for ALL students, including students with disabilities. PEAK Parent Center's annual Conference on Inclusive Education holds the tools you need to reinvent schools to be places where all students can achieve success! We've been bringing the nation best practice for over 30 years! Plan to attend in 2019 year and experience it for yourself!

Who is this conference for?

This conference is an excellent development opportunity for everyone involved in the education and support of students with disabilities. At this conference, we value various, distinct groups coming together to learn and build capacity and collaboration. Are you...

  • A family member? Come learn ways to increase family and school collaboration, and find out what strategies your children's teachers will or should be using in the classroom so you can support participation at home, in school, and in the community!
  • A general or special educator, or school professional? Participate and access innovative, research based educational strategies, relevant to a wide range of hot topics in education today, that will enhance learning for ALL your students. And, these practical strategies can be put into practice immediately in your classroom!
  • An Administrator? Join us and learn how to lead your school and staff so that they can support all students to achieve. Learn strategies and programs to share with your staff as well as information on parent involvement, effective collaboration, and updates on the law.

Want a little teaser?

Check out this video that features clips from keynote presenters in 2014!

What do past participants have to say?

Conference evaluation averages across the past several years report that: 

  • 95% of participants found the conference to be “highly useful”
  • 94% of participants found their conference experience overall to be “excellent” and
  • 96% of participants said they would absolutely recommend this conference to their friends and colleagues!


"There is nothing else in the country quite like the Annual PEAK Conference. The sessions are top-notch and the people you meet are even more impressive! Whether you are a parent wanting support, a self-advocate seeking inspiration, or a teacher craving new ideas, you WILL want to be at this conference.” ~ Paula Kluth, PEAK Conference Speaker and Internationally Acclaimed Consultant, Teacher, Author, Advocate, and Independent Scholar, Chicago, Illinois

"This conference is an amazing opportunity for general education staff, special education staff, administrators, and parents to unite for the same cause!" ~ Special Education Teacher, Oregon

"Even after attending the inclusion conference for 10 years, each year I come away refreshed, amazed by the depth of information presented and inspired to go back to my community and try new things for increasing the involvement of children and families in their school and home communities. I have seen a radical shift in the way I view my son – he is a capable, contributing, whole person with a future that HE will determine, not the system." ~ Parent, Colorado

“The PEAK Inclusion Conference has provided me and our school with the inspiring examples, available resources, necessary tools towards our pursuit of achieving our vision of becoming an inclusive school. As a result, our school is being transformed into a place where the needs of all students are being met in the most meaningful and life changing way. I would recommend this conference for all administrators and teachers who are looking for ways to ensure that all their students learn at high levels.” ~ Bryan Garcia, Principal, Puesta del Sol Elementary, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“It was so encouraging to be surrounded by families and professionals who truly care about all kids. The conference gave me hope for education.” ~ Related Service Provider, California

Check out what’s happened at past conferences.

PEAK Parent Center has been hosting this annual Conference on Inclusive Education since 1987. Over the years it has changed, matured, and adapted but the focus on authentic, practical, inclusive, evidence-based educational strategies has not wavered! Some recent conference presenters include:

  • Sue Swenson
  • Lydia Brown
  • Hasan Davis
  • Therese Willkomm
  • Karen Erickson
  • Joy Zabala
  • Doug Biklen
  • Danny Brassell
  • Jason Corning
  • Candace Cortiella
  • Doug Fisher
  • Nancy Frey
  • Laura Hershey
  • Stephen Hinkle
  • Christi Kasa
  • Paula Kluth
  • Norman Kunc & Emma Van der Klift
  • John Maag
  • Arthur McFarlane II
  • Patti McVay
  • Robin McWilliam
  • Jonathan Mooney
  • Patrick Schwarz
  • Sean Smith
  • Jacque Thousand
  • Rich Villa
  • Ian Watlington
  • And MANY more!

Check out recent conference agendas to get a feel for presenters, topics, and festivities! Note: each of the links below will open in a new tab, to display a PDF.