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PEAK Brings You the Very Best

Hi - Deana Heisler here, coordinator for the 2019 Conference on Inclusive Education. I’ve been wandering around the conference vault again and stumbled upon the speaker file. Wow! I’m taken aback by the stellar line up over the years. I guess when you’ve been doing this for 33 years like PEAK Parent Center has, you’ve got HISTORY!

Oh the impactful speakers we have had! Speakers who have enabled us to stay current on emerging issues, professionals who have connected us to the latest evidence-based research out there, and caring, compassionate individuals who have tugged at our heartstrings and inspired us to do the very best we can to ensure our youth with disabilities have every opportunity to be included in their communities.

PEAK is committed to bringing the very best to attendees every year. These speakers have earned accolades on the conference evaluations like “the gold standard of presenters”, “most aspiring and accessible speaker on inclusion I’ve ever heard,” and “exactly what educators need to hear right now in Colorado.” If you’ve been around a few years you’ve probably been touched by the likes of Douglas Fisher, Hasan Davis, Norman Kunc, Paula Kluth, Jonathan Mooney, Micah Fialka-Feldman, LeDerick Horne, Patrick Schwarz, Shelly Moore and so many others.

Paula Kluths Photo

PEAK is very excited to share with you this year’s keynote line up. There is the return of Paula Kluth, who has a history with PEAK (she’s a bit of a rock star for us!) She’s a dynamic educator with strategies for creating inclusive, respectful, and accessible education for all learners. Currently she collaborates with schools to create environments and experiences to change the current for a brighter future.


RoseMarieAllen Photo

Don’t miss Rosemarie Allen, an engaging early childhood education leader and national expert on implicit bias and culturally responsive practices. She is leading the charge to reduce and ultimately eliminate preschool suspensions.

Johnathon Mooney Photo

Self-advocate Jonathan Mooney is back by popular demand. He is an award winning writer, activist, and entrepreneur who did not learn to read until he was twelve years old. Jonathan has spent his entire professional career developing organizations, programs, and initiatives to improve the lives of marginalized groups.     


Dale DiLeo Photo

And, Dale DiLeo, who is well known in the field of employment for people with disabilities. He provides inspiration and direction for promoting and realizing career and employment possibilities for all youth with disabilities.